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Mission: Man kinds first technologies were the wheel and the screw thread that now pervade our lives. Little has changed in threaded fastening in the past 50 years where the limitation are accepted as a cost of doing business. The discovery of total surface contact connectionsTM called Van Cor ThreadsTM addresses these limitations and adds more ways to put things together. It is Van Cor Threads LLC mission to find people across multiple markets who are looking to improve their products and create new ones.

Overview: The weakness of all threaded fasteners is the clearance space. It is the channel where corrosive reactions happen. It is the space for micro movement from heat, vibration and load cycling. It is room for deformation from over-tightening. All these induce fatigue, the cause of 80% of all fastener failures. The Van Cor Threads have no clearance space. Total surface contact means they always tighten laterally against the sides. The amount of force applied to the external threaded component is a design function such as the specific amount to stretch industrial bolts. Van Cor Threads can make nuts and bolts, and pipes stronger more durable. They have a range of other unique choices: they are an inherent seal; they can fasten in multiple planes; they can align combinations of hydraulic and/or pneumatic channels; they can engage hundreds or more electronic or fiber optic contacts; and can bundle these with quick connect water tight seals. Van Cor Threads have strengths not possible with existing types of threads.

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