Precision connections of points

Electrical, Electronic, Optical connections are similar in their automated layered construction. Their application lends themselves to quick connection that are a heat sink and environmental seal. Computer chips have tremendous software for design engineering and 3D chip designs are the next wave of fitting more in a compact space. The Van Cor Threads can add to multi-layer contact points designed around the heat sinking aspect and quick connection that will not bend or break in serviceing like pins do.

The Van Cor Threads allow a new class of connectors for ribbon cable that are quick connect, that can not be cross threaded, and is sealed. While specs may not call for water tight connections, all of them would be anyway. That is how they resist corrosion. It is also how unlike metals can be used in connections.

A bundle of fiber optical connections have to have their ends flat when placed in a positioning gig and a resin poured in to create the thread. This could be hundreds at first and lead to thousands of fibers automated connection points.

This electrical connections has bridging that prevents closure until it is fully connected and sealed

These are examples of two types of nested threads that can be use in multiple connections