Plastic consumer containers

Plastic consumer containers will be the easiest and inexpensive products to make because they fit into the existing manufacturing processes. The Van Cor Threads will make them resealable and reusable. There is also a new palette of artistic design potential in packaging differentiation that can be locked in with a patent license. All the dish detergents, soup or soda cans do not have to look the same; or square can be the new generic.
Concentric threads can screw around a corner; that can make a more interesting spout.

Another possibility is create a second use culture. Consumer containers of kids products that are part of a building block system could be used to assemble play houses, tunnels or anything that can turn there imagination into something real before it goes to the dump or recycling. These threads can connect on the inside or outside for dual use along with partial threads on the outside for combining containers.
Since plastics can last a century underground can these containers be used to stabilize in roadbeds, become sealed airspace in insulation. If containers can be attached with threads on the outside as well as inside, then there will be uses other then landfills. If second use will be a resouce for inventive minds and a the competitive edge goes to the orginal product manufacturer.