Van Cor Threads Concave, Conic and Convex curves plus multi-plane locking

The Van Cor Threads are a box of tools and the outer shape is one of them. This can adds the structural dynamics of an arch to its resistance to compression by distribution. It was used to increase the strength of the wave thread. It is applicable to pipes and tubes that have either an internal or external pressure differential.

The design of a Van Cor Thread is based on its limitation within its application. These include how to machine it or how stress is distributed. These limitations apply to the internal female thread because internal geometries are harder to work with then the external ones. This is not a metaphor, just what happens when geeks are naming things. The threads are named after the female thread, but the male thread is used in pictures which appears to be incorrect.
Finite Element Analysis has proven that these shapes have an impact on tensil strength.
On pipes and tubes, this propertiy would be use do design resistance to either outward or inward pressures.

This is a unquie example of a multi-axis concentric thread designed to screw around a 70-degree corner. This shows the male threaded component and the female component positioned for this picture. This property will be used to design structural fasteners that lock across three dimensional planes.