Van Cor Threads Distribute Stress

Standard Threads concentrate stress on the first thread. The box of tools that are the Van Cor Threads are used to design how stress is to be distributed. Wave thread designs have been optimized to evenly distribute across all of its threads with the result of increasing its tensile strength over 25%.
The concentric thread has the unusual property of clamping laterally and is called a Persson Lock. Normally a hole is a weakness through the material; concentric threads can pull the sides of that hole inwareds. It turns out that outside of the use of single axis regular polygon shapes (triangles, squares, pentagons), the other shapes and or additional axises have some degree of Persson Locking.

The first FEA graphs; prepared by Jigar Kumar Patel, ME PhD candidate, UMass, 2012

25% more strength is a fantastic claim and a 7/8 wave thread file with 13,000 point data is available for independent Finite Element Analysis. This thread allows the application choice between more strength or less weight.