Rotations and Conix Angle

This is not a unique fastener feature.

The number of rotations is a design function. Eight threads can be secured in one rotation or four. This makes assemblies faster and will eliminate some electric screw gun applications.

The conix is the angle between the starting radius and ending radius of Van Cor Threads. This conic angle affects the amount of penetration to the initial start. The number of starts, the heigth and width of the threads will also affect the number of rotations.

In the extreme image below are two earlier models of cone shaped wave threads with 75-degree conix angles. The one on the left has 16 starts and is fully ingaged 20-degrees of rotation. The right one has one start and is engage in 320-degrees of rotation. Both have 6 threads on any cross section but the inital penetration is deep so less then one turn works. Adding more starts reduces the number of degrees of rotation to engage.